Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joy Dare

After nearly 2 years of not blogging... here goes again.

Thanks to my mom for the One Thousand Gifts book and to the recent study showing that blogging can be therapeutic for teenagers!!  (if it works for teenagers, it might work for immature adults too)

After reading Ann's book, I've started following her blog and taking the Joy Dare for 2012.

Today's first gift was supposed to be "found at 11:30 am" but it arrived a little early... the 7 year old forgot his book money for the school book fair, and as I logged into my email to let the school nurse/secretary/lifesaver know ... I found a message from her offering to lend him some!

I am still going to try to get myself over there in time for their class to go shopping (another gift: flexible work schedule!) 

I have no recent pictures to share at the moment, but knitting projects are all on Ravelry.  And that is enough for now... always, in fact, enough.

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