Thursday, September 27, 2007

I think the second lizard escaped

Well, this is lizard Number One, captured right outside the Bear's preschool classroom window. He has been living with us for two weeks now.

The Weast caught Number Two out on our porch day before yesterday. This morning he looked limp and grayish brown, slumped in a corner of the cage... I sincerely thought he was dead. But by this afternoon he was quite perky. In fact, since having opened the cage to give the critters fresh water and food ... now i can't find him at all.

Either he is living the free life somewhere in our house, or he's really good at the camouflage thing.

Stay tuned...

Potential Halloween costume?

The moral of this one:

Never let your older sister dress you in her designer original "caveman costume" -- or at least never let your mom take pictures! Think future (eg rehearsal dinner) possibilities...


The Weast keeps things safe on our neighborhood sidewalks. No speeding Bears allowed!

Something else to do

Doesn't everyone need a blog? Why not start one & see what I have to say... there is certainly no shortage here of cute pictures of the kids, and stories to go with them.

I know, these pictures and stories should go into albums, not online. But today I'm home with the Bear (child #2) who seems to be sharing some GI bug with me, so this is "gift time" anyway. Forget whatever was on the planner for today. It is Thomas-watching time!

And now he announces "I'm feeling better! Can we please go to the bookstore?" Hmm... can we indeed? after I called in sick? I think not!