Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday morning throws a curve

Apparently I need further work in the area of selflessness.  (Or in the area of arranging my life more conveniently.)

Woke up nearly two hours ago with not one, but two tummy-aching feverish kids -- the smaller of whom insists on my sitting with him at all times.

Here I am on the couch in my jammies, no breakfast, no shower, wondering how fast I can get ready to take a quick run into work once Daddy is back from his morning workout -- and get back before he needs his own work time.  And how fast I would be able to move if an emergency arose at the hospital & I had to take the two sick ones in with me.

At least there is coffee!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Purse Dump Challenge

This is a crazy fun idea from Stacy Julian!

I am far from the world's most faithful blogger, but when she issues a challenge like this (and I just happen to be at home anyway, waiting for the piano tuner to finish before I go back to work)  --- why not?

Contents of my bag this morning:

  • Pager  
  • Two card cases  for all those cards (hidden beneath the pager)
  • Office key & hospital ID on (splurge) Vera Bradley lanyard
  • Knitting and associated paraphernalia (especially love the cheesy pen/measuring tape combo which is, unfortunately, hidden beneath the VB lanyard)
  • Mesh bag trying to camouflage "necessities" inside
  • Yay yay yay the recently acquired (big splurge) Kindle in its snazzy case
  • Smarties in case of low blood sugar
  • Camera
  • Spiral notebook (& pencil partially hidden beneath knitting & ID/lanyard)
  • BlackBerry and planner weren't in there at the moment, but they usually are (hence the big bag)
And now the piano is tuned & I can go back to work!

Nice break - thanks, Stacy.