Monday, March 31, 2008

from Horn Notes Blog: Quote of the week--Farkas on "stagefright"

Philip Farkas reflects on predestination and the CSO

I just happened to find this while randomly surfing horn-related sites. The title caught my interest because performance anxiety has always been an issue with me (much less lately, until an actual professional principal horn player happened to sit 4th in our community orchestra's little concert yesterday!)

Hm, wonder if Farkas was a Calvinist...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Outer space

Daylight savings time is a painful thing! I think this shot of the Bear sums up the feeling. He has been very interested in outer space and planets lately (thanks to the Magic School Bus space DVD). One of the 4K classes at school made this mural -- he was thrilled to find it and name all the planets! Unfortunately he couldn't figure out where Pluto was ... it's hard to explain that since that DVD was made, Pluto has been demoted from "planet" status.

Yes, he is wearing his sister's old dress -- we are still choosing not to fight that battle!

In knitting news I have finished one of the toe-up Ambrosia socks!! ... but now I can't find the other ball of Ambrosia. Not a problem since there are so many other unfinished projects in my house...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Fever!

Such excitement! Eleanor (The Weast) awakened us with "Happy Valentine's Day!" and I realized i hadn't gotten their valentines & gifts ready yet. It didn't bother them to wait & play with the guinea pigs. Eleanor likes to lie down on her back with a "guinea" on her chest/belly to snuggle.

Their gifts spoke to the desires of their little hearts ... the Weast got a fairy book and the Bear got 2 Matchbox cars (a Corvette and a Jaguar).

Eleanor proclaimed that "there are 4 great things about today: Half day of school, Dress-down Day, Valentine's party... " oh dear, now I have forgotten the 4th.

Henry insisted on dressing all in red (see above with his new cars.) At school he kept announcing to everyone he ran into that "I got cars for Valentine's Day!" He also informed me that "I will always love you, Mommy!"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not much spare time...

Four months later...

One lizard has in fact died (though long after the last September post); another has joined us. However it's been nearly a week since I've seen either of them in their cage (escaped??)

Not one but TWO guinea pigs have joined us. (That's Snuggles on the left with the Bear, Cuddles on the right with the Weast) . They wouldn't think of trying to escape since they know they have a good thing going with all the food the kids keep giving them!

I've finished some socks; started a sweater, an afghan, and part of a baby blanket project. Still have many unfinished socks and a few sweaters...
I am giving up yarn-shopping (and book-shopping and scrapbook-equipment-shopping and clothes-shopping!) for Lent.

We have had Halloween ...

and Thanksgiving...

(yes, i know that is a crocheted shawl... the school provided the costumes!)

and Christmas!

I think she really did enjoy the performances.

Last night we had a "car show", complete with spotlight, before bed. No documentation, unfortunately!

life is good...