Friday, January 8, 2010

Sock on Safari

My souvenir from last week's trip to Austin:

the famed Opal Harry Potter sock yarn (now discontinued and hard to find) ... there was one skein left, in the "Harry und Ron" colorway, in the sock yarn room (ROOM!) at Hill Country Weavers.

It's really awesome yarn - bright, varied colors, and soft as anything.

The sock did some major tourist activity.

Above is the sock on a duck tour (including "splashdown" into Lake Austin).  It didn't dare peek over the edge.

Below is the sock at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch ("safari, Texas style!")

It didn't dare look out the window very long...

Wildlife, up close and personal.

The sock is done now... just need to finish #2.


Thea said...

Looks like the sock had a great trip -- seeing that face thru the car windows must have been crazy!

Dorothy said...

Very cool sock! The "safari" looks like lots of fun!