Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it OK to knit for a patient?

I don't usually knit for patients. I can't even keep up with my family & friends the way they deserve. (I don't really keep up with the blog, either, but it doesn't deserve the attention anyway.)

Anyway, I think this poor little guy is an exception to the rule. He was finally all ready to go home ... but now his mom has not only been re-admitted, she ended up in the adult ICU.

The only things I could think of to do were (1) pray, and (2) knit him an earflap hat.

The pattern is at


Thea said...

definitely - they deserve some TLC. Hope they both go home healthy soon!

Melissa said...

I certainly understand knitting for a patient. The primaries I get more attached to than others always end up with something special.

mommyknits said...

Thanks ladies!

I did give them the hat, & they were cool with it. The mom is on the mend :)